1. Confirmands can use the feedback tool i-conf to give feedback on their experiences during confirmation time. Thus, the participation of young people is fostered with the help of a digital tool.
  2. I-conf gives parishes and subordinate units the opportunity to receive feedback and impulses for the further development of this field of work on an empirical basis.
  3. With the collected data the quality development of confirmation work is promoted on different levels – directly on site as well as on the level of the regional churches, the EKD and internationally.
  4. The representative survey 2021/2022 provides data for the EKD and each Regional Church on the current situation of confirmation work. Almost ten years after the second study (2012/13; 2014/15) and fifteen years after the first study (2007/08), a continuous data basis on this important field of work is thus emerging, which is likely to meet with interest not only within the church but also in science and politics.