Why is feedback from confirmands necessary for developing the quality of confirmation work?
Evaluation research shows that the possibility of giving feedback is an important aspect of participation, also from the perspective of young people. However, young people identify giving feedback as a participation possibility only if they have the impression that their views are taken seriously and effectively contribute to the further development of confirmation work.

Why should the potentials of digitalisation be used for the quality development of corporate work?
Conventional feedback procedures using questionnaires etc. often fail because the evaluation takes up too much time, competence and resources.
In i-conf, the data is digitally processed. Therefore, the interpretation of the feedback received takes much less effort. The existing online tool i-EVAL, which has been extensively tested and utilised in youth work, provides the basis for i-conf. This ensures that group leaders or pastors can start an evaluation with a few clicks and receive the results just as quickly and directly from the system. Standardised questionnaires are developed by researchers and provided in the system. The questionnaires can be adapted individually, so that congregations have a tailor-made feedback tool at their disposal. It is also possible to use the tool for the subject-oriented evaluation of individual components of confirmation work (camps, all-day programs etc.).

Further potentials
I-conf is also particular potential for quality development at the supra-regional level of deaneries, communities, church districts etc. and regional churches. Since the data is collected centrally, it can therefore also be evaluated at this level. This shows that i-conf can be used and made fruitful as an instrument of community and church development. With the participation of all regional churches, the feedback findings can also be used for nationwide analyses. Since i-conf is also integrated into a European research context, feedback findings can also be compared at European level.